English Without Limits
DVD English lessons for the world!

What’s our story?

In 2008 the American Literacy Council commissioned Doug Sadler , a Canadian ESL teacher and TESOL instructor, to produce a series of videos to teach English to children and beginners. The vision was that these would bring English class to people who couldn’t get to a regular English class.

So who are they for? They are for children and young people primarily. However, not all beginner ESL students are children! So we made them so that other ages can use them too.

Our lessons use a communicative, task-based approach to language teaching. They start right at the beginning - simple greetings and vocabulary - and take students step-by-step up to the intermediate level. The students you’ll see on the video are real English learners from a variety of nations, and our instructors are all professionally-certified ESL instructors. As you watch these videos, you’ll soon be able to tell that our students and teachers had a wonderful time making them!


The lessons can be played on a computer or DVD player, and can be used individually or in a group setting. Every lesson comes with handouts and worksheets so your students can participate fully in the video class.