English Without Limits
DVD English lessons for the world!

What topics are covered on the disks?

Disk 1 - Lessons 1-7:
Basic greetings,
Days of the week, calendar, weather
Colors, numbers, like and don’t like
Classroom objects and vocabulary
Parts of the body, this/that, mine/yours,
Fruit and vegetables, present simple

Disk 2 - Lessons 8-14:
Family members, community helpers (mail carrier, nurse, police officer, etc) Basic questions,
Alphabet, short & long A words, ABC song, Who is this?
Food and clothing review; ordering in a restaurant
Community helpers and community buildings
Basic prepositions,
Modes of transportation, boat, plane, bus, & pronouns, reflexive pronouns

Disk 3 - Lessons 15-21:
Pronouns continued; opposites, conjugating the verb “to be”
Adjectives for feelings and emotions; sentences with “to be”
Belonging and owning; possessive pronouns
Present progressive tense, constructing sentences with present progressive
Subjects and objects; more on verbs
Using the Present simple for daily routine,
Using the Present simple for general truth or habit; the environment

Disk 4 - Lessons 22-28:
Map and giving directions; places around town;
Classroom directions and commands;
Future Simple Tense
Common illnesses and going to the doctor
Going to the doctor continued; following the doctor’s instructions
Rooms in the house and furniture in them;
Setting the table; vocabulary for kitchen items and actions

Disk 5 - Lessons 29-35:
Ordering a meal in a restaurant
Review of lessons 20-30
Simple past tense, regular and irregular verbs
Money - understanding dollars and cents,
Telling time
Using the phone; social invitations
Confusing words - bring/take, come/go, lend/borrow; temporary and permanent

Disk 6 - Lessons 36-42
Sentence structure, capitalization, parts of speech, proper & common nouns
Practicing building sentences;
Simple past tense with irregular verbs; punctuation
Adjectives describing objects
More on adjectives
Describing two things using compound sentences
Money and comparing prices

Disk 7 - Lessons 43-49:
Using comparatives to describe prices of two objects
Comparing qualities of two objects
Superlatives - the most, the highest, the best,
Finding things in a store
Determiners: this/that, these/those; how much?
Returning something to the store; warranties and receipts
Review of lessons 31-48

Disk 8 - Lessons 50-56:
More on Present Progressive Tense
Present Progressive Tense vs Present Simple Tense
The Imperative
Writing about yourself and self-description
Modals of politeness
Negative and positive politeness formulas
Modals of possibility

Disk 9 - Lessons 57-62
Past Progressive Tense
Listening to a story
Adverbs of manner
Adverbs - when, why, and under what conditions
Future Progressive Tense
Volume & weight

Disk 10 - Lessons 63-69:
In the kitchen - cooking and baking
More language for the kitchen
Present Perfect Tense
Prepositions of motion
Prepositional Phrases - describing location and movement
Climate and geography - types of terrain and weather
Future perfect tense

Disk 11 - Lessons 70-75
Asking questions and sentence order
Negation and sentence order
Adverbs of frequency - often, never sometimes, etc
More on climate and geography

Disk 12 - Lesson plans and handouts