English Without Limits
DVD English lessons for the world!

So what does the package look like?

English Without Limits is a set of 75 English lessons on 12 DVDs. Altogether, it’s more than 50 hours of instruction. The package also contains all the handouts and lesson worksheets that are used on-screen, so you can print them out and use them as you watch the videos.. The disks can be played on any computer or DVD player.

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How much does it cost?

English Without Limits costs $199 CAN, plus tax if you are ordering from Canada. Shipping costs within North America will be $15 dollars. Overseas will be $25. To some countries it may be more. If so, we will notify you. Please contact us for a precise estimate.

Comparable packages, such some well-known language teaching kits, are audio disks only, and sell for as much as $500. English Without Limits provides many more hours of instruction, in a video format, with teaching materials and handouts, and costs much less.